about the artist

My dad bought me my first camera when I graduated from college in 2008. Incidentally, that was right before I made my first trip to Aspen. The combination turned out to have a lasting effect.

My singular goal as a photographic artist is to show you things that are almost impossible to witness in person, in a format and scale that makes you feel like you’re actually there. That’s why you’ll pretty much always find me working in the most remote areas around Aspen. There’s so much beauty out there, but it is not easy to see. I’m out there just trying to bring it back to you.

I live just outside of Aspen, Colorado. To the extent I am able, I spend my days chasing the sun and my nights chasing the stars. If you haven't had enough of me yet, you can follow my day to day life on Instagram @the_elks. 

large format digital photography