Print Information


I generally produce each of my pieces in 2 or 3 sizes. The largest size is what I consider my Original: it is the size at which I intended the piece to be seen (it is not enlarged or reduced). I only print 10 at this size, and each is signed and numbered. As the format allows, I also produce each piece in a smaller size. These smaller sizes are open editions that are not subject to any production limits.

The Original format increases in price as the edition sells out. The smaller open edition sizes are always the same price.


I can produce your work in a custom size, but there are some restrictions. Please use the Contact form to get in touch with me; I'd love to help you!

Mounting / Framing

All of my prints are chromogenic. It is a complex process, but in short it means that they are the result of precise laser exposure and chemical development in a darkroom. Due to the somewhat delicate nature of the print, it is then facemounted to a robust sheet of acrylic. Most of my clients prefer a simple "floating" mount, but framing is an option as well.

Lead Time

The current lead time for new orders is 6-8 weeks. I promise it’s worth the wait!

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